You Shouldn t Be Co-Dependant - It s Very Unattractive

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Have you ever seen the spouse who can not do anything without their mate? They always need to be together no matter what the problem is. If its guys poker night she desires to know why its not couples poker night? If its girls margarita night, he desires to join the party and you have him ruining the fun for everyone else.

Being co-dependent is not cool.

Usually this less than attractive character trait is developed because the person lacks self confidence or is very jealous of course. Both of these flaws must be busily worked on to be corrected.

I think most people would agree that being co-dependent is not a good way to be. Even people that are co-dependent will agree with that. But most of those people do not feel they suffer with this character issue.

Usually counseling and clear communication with their spouse will dramatically help the situation if not solve it all together. Sometimes it's fixed automatically as a person grows up and matures.

Other times its harder to resolve. Like I said before many people that are co-dependent don't think they truly are. These are obviously the biggest challenges and usually the ones that will be the worst offenders. Providing simple, low pressure examples usually helps them realize what they do and how it is perceived by others.

The bottom line is if you are or know someone who is co-dependent you owe to your self and them to guide them towards an easier way. Besides you don't want to be the person that many people are talking about when you're not there. Do you?

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