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I will admit it's not good enough to be considered a holy grail of low-budget 80s horror, but I was entertained and I am sure those who loves a good bad movie can have a great time or two should they ever have the chance to see this. Perhaps they were all in her head and the entire attack was just a fever dream but in the end, we will never know whether people actually died and if the supernatural was afoot. I will think according to what I know and you can think according what you know. The killer then blowtorches away child’s face from a photograph, possibly as a countdown for each victim he will be killing. If one party is providing value then the other is requested to provide rights in exchange. Charlie's Farm came to my interest while I was browsing for new horror releases back at 2013. I stumbled upon one of its promotional artwork, which featured one would assume as Charlie, sitting triumphantly on a mound of skulls whilst other slasher icons lay dead around hi