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It's unclear if the business that owns the automobile - Ride the Ducks of Seattle - was conscious of it, he stated. They had been among about 45 students and employees from North Seattle College who have been on the bus when the tourist-carrying duck boat swerved into it on the six-lane Aurora Bridge with no median. If you enjoyed this information and you would certainly like to obtain additional details relating to back market Apple certified kindly visit the site. Tracey stated he was in "total agreement" with calls by Gov. Jay Inslee and Seattle Mayor Ed Murray to retain the duck boats off the streets pending a state inspection of all the autos. A lot more than 50 men and women had been taken to hospitals. Four international college students died at the scene of the crash, and a fifth - identified as a 20-year-old woman - died Sunday, Harborview Health-related Center said. At least 13 people remained hospitalized Sunday. Ride the Ducks of Seattle owner Brian Tracey did not say in a statement Sunday night whether the company knew of the warning.

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