Victoria Police Offer 1million For Information About Missing Woman

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Shari Davison was last seen alive by her boyfriend at the Crown Casino at 7am on the morning of February 18, 1995
A cash reward of $1million is on offer to help police solve the suspected murder of exotic dancer Shari Davison 25 years ago.
The 27-year-old Footscray mother was last seen alive by her boyfriend at the Melbourne's Crown Casino at 7am on the morning of February 18, 1995.
Ms Davison was reported missing by her strip club boss four days later and police believe she was killed.
Detective Inspector Andrew Stamper says the reward for information about her disappearance has been lifted from $50,000 to $1million.
The Director of Public Prosecutions is considering granting anyone who can identify a principle offender or offenders indemnity from prosecution.
'People's circumstances can change over the years and someone who may not have wanted to provide information to police previously may now feel ready to do so,' Det Insp Stamper said in a statement on Wednesday.
Ms Davison left a Dandenong strip club with a female colleague about 10:50pm on February 17, 1995, before visiting a sports club in Croydon for a short time.
They moved to the Mentone Hotel, where they stayed with Ms Davison's boyfriend and another male friend until 1am.
The reward for information about Ms Davison increased from $50,000 to $1million
Shari's mother Sandra (seated in blue shirt) is holding Luke and her father, Tom is standing far right leaning against wall (next to Shari wearing black dress) 
Ms Davison and her boyfriend went to a home in Hampton before leaving at 2am to go to the Crown Casino.
Her boyfriend left the casino at 7am, but Ms Davison stayed for 40 minutes before catching a cab back to her Footscray home.
Later that day, she made two calls from a payphone at a service station on Ballarat Rd, Dandenong, between 12-2pm.
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One call was to her boyfriend asking to meet so she could get some personal items including her phone charger, and the other was to tell her employer that she would be at work that night. She never arrived.
Ms Davison, who was a circus trapeze artist before becoming a stripper, had a young baby who was still in nappies when she disappeared.
An inquest in 2001 found that Ms Davison had fallen off the rails before mysteriously disappearing and was struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, according to a report by The New Daily.
She had also told multiple people - including taxi drivers - she was in trouble just weeks before vanishing and had links to a gang of Greek immigrants who were known for dealing speed and guns in the Richmond area.
Ms Davison had a young son, Luke, (pictured with him) and has not been seen in the last 25 years 
Ms Davison worked for the same stripper agency - named Simply Irresistible - as Robyn Lindholm, who was later jailed over two murders.
The young mother was close friends with Lindholm, a femme fatale ex-stripper, who was found guilty of killing lover Wayne Amey in 2013.
In 2019, while serving a 25-year jail term, she was also found guilty of arranging her fiance George Templeton's murder in 2005. 
Det Insp Stamper said what Ms Davison's family have lived through over past 25 years is unimaginable.
'At the time of her death, Shari had a loving family and a young son who misses her very much and still deserves answers,' he said.
'I can absolutely assure Shari's loved ones - along with the person or persons responsible for her death - that detectives from the Missing Person Squad remain committed to this investigation.'
Ms Davison pictured with her son Luke.

She has not been seen for 25 years 

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