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GILTI is generally calculated as the net tested income of all CFCs, minus the 10% return on the QBAI of all CFCs with tested income. The proposed § 250 regulations issued in March 2019 have helpfully extended the 50% GILTI deduction to individuals electing under § 962 to be taxed like corporations on their GILTI. However, in these circumstances, the § 962 election would not provide a higher value for sale. Furthermore, the election is only available to 10% US shareholders who are deemed individuals.

If anyone is looking at a business entity in Hong Kong or Malta, I highly recommend Warren Black. Will has been recognised by California Super Lawyers and in Euromoney's expert guide as one of the World's Leading Tax Advisors. He regularly presents at industry educational programmes, such as Bloomberg BNA, Strafford, TEI and IFA events. He has taught international tax at San Jose State University and at the University of California, Berkeley, School of Law.

The Treasury and the IRS have also indicated a possible concern with this kind of double-dip in the pre-amble to hybrid debt regulations. In certain cases, enhanced depreciation and amortisation deductions resulting from a Section 338 election could push the acquired CFC into a tested loss. This tested loss would favourably reduce GILTI inclusions by offsetting other CFCs' tested income, but it also would result in a loss of QBAI and possibly a loss of foreign tax credits. Unlike other foreign tax credit baskets, excess credits in the GILTI basket cannot be carried back or forward to other tax years. Reducing the GILTI in these circumstances might only produce marginal US tax benefits by reducing expense allocations to GILTI basket income.

Count on your tax advisor to guide you every step of the way – down to what forms and expat tax services you’ll need. The AICPA says that Congress must address taxes, PPP forgiveness, remote work issues, local government support and liability protections in the next round of Covid relief.

As is the case with US sellers, the importance of reducing GILTI may vary depending on the US buyer's circumstances. A US buyer that sees their CFC earn a substantial tested income at a blended foreign tax rate of 5% will be strongly incentivised to limit further GILTI inclusions. The higher value will also materially increase the amount of qualified business asset investment if the target has substantial tangible property, which will result in a reduced GILTI inclusion for the US parent company.

CFCs owned by non-corporate investors will face significant issues on exit. If a buyer were to make a Section 338 election, the sellers' anticipated capital gains tax non resident alien gain on sale (which is already taxed at a 20% rate), would be converted to GILTI ordinary income and taxed at a 37% rate. Taxpayers have considered resorting to self-help in this regard. The US seller could contractually enforce a foreign buyer to engage in a Section 338 election, which would treat the target CFC as selling all of its assets prior to the sale of its stock to the buyer. The election could be considered helpful to the US seller but have no impact on the foreign buyer.

A prolific writer, Will has published numerous articles, including in the Journal of Taxation, Journal of Corporate Taxation, International Tax Journal and Practicing Law Institute's Corporate Tax Practice Series. He is the author of a treatise on cross-border spin-offs for RIA's Checkpoint Catalyst. US borrowings could still be used to achieve US and foreign tax deductions, but at the cost of an increased tax basis in CFC stock.

There is always a first moment in which you decide to start a business at your own risk, and the question is always which legal form has more tax advantages and lower economic costs. From our office in Madrid, we also offer a wide range of services to individuals and small business in Spain. In our company we see our TAP contact very much as one of our team.

Treasury department to address the unique tax issues arising as a result of the pandemic are historic. IWTA Founder and Managing Member Jack Brister comments on three pressing cross-border tax issues arising from the coronavirus global pandemic, with links to guidelines issued by the IRS. Talk directly to an experienced tax lawyer to quickly assess your situation. ITP develops innovative accounting solutions and tax strategies designed to make your business run smoothly and minimize your tax liability. The first income tax treaty between United States and Spain and the accompanying Protocol were signed on February 22, 1990.

Fenwick & West’s Adam Halpern and William Skinner discuss how these changes might influence cross-border M&A activity. He is enrolled to practice before the Internal Revenue Service. He has over 22 years of Tax and Financial Industry experience.

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I worked with Warren Black to open a Hong Kong corporation during the summer of 2018. Warren came highly recommended from my business contacts, who said that he was honest, trustworthy, and very knowledgable. Warren was extremely attentive to my questions, replying with solid answers in less than a day. When faced with some unique challenges that most businesses don't face, Warren was quick to roll up his sleeves, take action, and even put me in touch with his team so the process could move forward rapidly. To top it off, I found him very personable and really a pleasure to work with.

The election-triggered asset sale would produce an asset gain and E&P in the target CFC, which generally would be subject to US tax as GILTI-tested income. While US tax reform may not have affected merger and acquisition (M&A) activity explicitly, a change in laws surrounding controlled foreign corporations will see a number of new tax considerations emerge for US buyers and sellers.

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