Track Your Paper Stimulus Check Or EIP Card In The Mail. It s Easy And Free

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Stimulus check or junk mail? Know what to look for so you don't toss your new payment in the trash.

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If you , you may have seen as a paper check or . If you're waiting on a , it should arrive the same way your did. However it arrives, make sure you don't throw the envelope away by accident by tracking it until it appears.
The USPS has a free service you can use to keep tabs on when it's supposed to show up. We'll show you what your stimulus check or EIP card will look like when it arrives. Note that the USPS service won't show you you'll receive, but you can check this letter for those details.

Here's what you need to do to hunt down your  if you haven't received it yet (you may need to ). Here are some  and . By the way, here's the latest on a  and your family can get if you for  in 2021. Here is also how to  and if . This story was recently updated.

IRS Get My Payment: See when your money could arrive
The IRS has its own , which contains information about , when your money will arrive and how, and if there's been an error processing your payment. The IRS tool is called Get My Payment, and it can be useful if you're not sure if you're actually eligible -- or if you just want to make sure the IRS knows you are. Here are more details for , and for .

A downside to is that it doesn't give an exact date for when to expect your funds. That's where a free USPS service comes in: Since many stimulus checks will be arriving via snail mail now, a service called Informed Delivery will be the next step for tracking. Read on for how to use Informed Delivery to monitor your payment's arrival in the mail. And here's how to .