These Moment Tech Bags Don t Look Like Tech Bags

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Moment, best known for its mobile photography gear, has launched a new bag line on Kickstarter. 


It seems like a strange time for a company to launch its first line of travel bags, given the current shift to [/news/now-what-how-work-from-home-is-evolving/ remote working] and [/how-to/back-to-school-k-12-online-classes-activities-to-continue-learning-during-coronavirus/ distance learning]. But Marc Barros doesn't see it that way. 
Barros, the co-founder of [ camera gear company Moment], and his team developed new backpacks, a tote, tech organizers and a camera insert that he feels are right for right now. "We've always been a remote company and have wanted bags that fit that new kind of work," Barros said. "We found bags were either built for the outdoors that were poor at carrying tech, bags for office work -- super techie -- or travel, which were built for more than tech." 

The MTW Backpack has a clean design that walks the line between casual and professional. 

Josh Goldman/CNET

Moment is [ debuting the line on Kickstarter], where it has taken [ its largest product launches over the years].

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