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Portrait of the author, carefree, on a small Swedish motorcycle.

Nathan May

When you start riding a motorcycle, you'll find no shortage of friends, family or even total strangers to tell you how dumb and dangerous it is. And the fact of the matter is, they're mostly right. There are [ all kinds of statistics] on how much more dangerous riding a motorcycle is than driving a car. People say, it's not if you crash, but when.
When I got my motorcycle license in the summer of 2017, I had, of course, heard all of that. Still, I'd already made up my mind. This was something I wanted to do. Yes, I would always try my best to mitigate the risks through [ proper rider education] and good riding gear, but I just had to accept the possibility that one day, maybe, I would crash.

Thanks to some excellent instruction from the [/roadshow/make/honda/ Honda] Rider Education center, I've had few close calls when riding on the street.

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