Professor Emails Student Suggesting He apos;take Her Top And Hijab Off apos;

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A college student has revealed her professor sent her a sexually-charged email suggesting he 'take her top and hijab off' after she messaged him about a homework assignment. 
In a recent video, [/[

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Huh? The professor suggested that the original email wasn't meant for her, saying it was an 'honest mistake' 
'Please ignore and delete that last email I sent you, it was an honest mistake and I'm truly beyond sorry,' he wrote. 'I will get back to you with your questions about the homework as soon as possible.' 
'HELP,' she captioned the TikTok, which has been viewed more than 1.8 million times. 
A number of TikTok users were admittedly confused as to why he was writing the message in the first place if he didn't mean to send it to her. 
'Wait...was he writing fanfiction about u?' one person asked, while another added: 'WHAT IN THE WATTPAD.'   

Thoughts: The TikTok video has been viewed more than 1.

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