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It is simple to start your own poker website and begin earning some real profits from the business. If you wonder if that is really true, think again. You'll need not have a legacy of million dollars to start your own poker website. With White Label poker technology, a small fraction of that amount will be enough. In this operational model, an entrepreneur simply needs to participate as a licensee of the White Label network and obtain own branded poker internet site up and running quickly. What the entrepreneur really needs to take care of is the marketing. Once 'real' players start logging-in to the site and play poker the site profits start showing. The network charges a commission as the entrepreneur keeps the rest.

Now let us read the investments because that is one of the prime interests of any entrepreneur. A white Label site could be launched for an investment of USD $ 10, 000 to USD $ 60, 000. This includes a customized website and the mandatory infrastructure to launch the operations. The task comes with marketing the website to the right audience. Marketing strategies like VIP loyalty programs, tournaments, cash bonus on joining are known to work with players. The strategies have to be driven with focus and a clear direction. How many 'real players' in the website is going to make the difference. These are people who make deposits and play the game.

Under a White Label model, players can quickly connect to a network of poker players who are already active. Licensees get up to a 90% payout of the rake that is collected from the players. The leading poker sites do have more than 10000 players however, many that are less popular have between 1000-5000 'real cash' players. It is possible to break-even even with 100 active 'real cash' players. Sites start generating revenues within the first month of operations if the marketing efforts are strategized well. It also means that you need to select the geography in which you wish to make your site popular.

The popularity of online poker is on the rise with many new countries encouraging online poker sites. These countries are mainly in Europe and Latin America. With White Label technology close at hand it is becoming very easy for wannabe poker entrepreneurs to launch their particular websites. The very best part of White Label poker is the operating model. It's a completely outsourced model of operating your business which leaves you with sufficient time to focus on marketing initiatives. The web poker arena is so wide that a good small fraction of players could rake in good revenues. So , take your chance before it is too late.

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