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Like the majority of players, when I first started playing online poker previously I knew nothing about rakeback. I saw an ad for a poker room, clicked the link, liked what I saw and signed up. Almost a year later I stumble across an article on rakeback and found out that I was missing out on hundreds of dollars each month. As you can imagine, I wasn't too happy.

Why didn't my poker room tell me about rakeback? The simple reason is profit. Paying rakeback reduces the profit margin of the home. With that being the case, you might ask why they bother offering rakeback at all, especially if they aren't going to be upfront about it? It's because rakeback is a marketing tool. You see, poker rooms get their members from two main sources. The foremost is direct referrals. These members find the site by word of mouth, through merchandising material or via marketing campaigns created by the poker room itself. This is one way the majority of people first find a poker site, the unfortunate masses who ultimately learn about rakeback the hard way after many months of playing.

Alternatively, members can be generated by affiliates of the poker room. Affiliates are people the website has enlisted to send internet traffic to them. Affiliates due to their part, are available in two flavours. There are affiliates who simply send traffic to the website without offering any out-of-pocket incentives to get individuals to join. They simply promote whatever the room itself may offer. Then there are affiliates who provide prospective members with extra benefits for signing up through their account. These benefits can include free tournaments, merchandise, free bankrolls and/or rakeback. All of these incentive are paid for directly by the affiliate. Poker rooms in turn compensate affiliates by paying them a commission for each new player they send. This commission is either a straight money value payment for the each new member joining the site or an ongoing percentage of the rake generated by the player. This of course reduces the profit percentage of the space and as such they'd greatly prefer it if every player came straight to their site.

So basically, rakeback is a marketing tool that the more generous affiliates employ to generate players for the poker room. These affiliates make less as paying rakeback reduces their profit significantly, the same way that paying an affiliate reduces the poker room's profit. But it does make for happy poker players and the smarter affiliates know that people who receive rakeback generally play more often and so are more profitable, which in turn benefits the affiliate in the long run.

But even among rakeback providers, there are things you need to consider to ensure you are receiving the best possible deal. Yes, most affiliates will offer you the maximum level of rakeback allowed by the poker room but there are other areas that can further boost your bankroll, certainly one of these being referrals.

For many who don't know, a referral is a friend or associate who signs up to a poker room under your account. As such, you are ostensibly performing the same service as the affiliate does for the poker room - you have found new players and directing them to the site. Except, in this case, you are sending them to the affiliates site rather than directly to the poker room.

If used wisely, referrals can generate more money for you than rakeback. A lot more money. Imagine you know just 5 people who are playing online poker without rakeback and also you get them to register under your rakeback account. On average, each one of these friends play poker as much as you do. Or, as an alternative, you could know just one or two players who play a greater volume of games than you or at an increased limit. Now put a 4% commission, paid to you, against each of those players. That's 4% of the rake they generate in your pocket, for life. Then add a further. 5% commission, paid for you, for every player that those second tier players refer. Then a further. 2% of the rake for players that the third tier players refer. As you can see, there is the potential for a lot of more money to be made using this system.

Most affiliates offer referral payments in the range of 2-4% in the top tier,. 5% in the second tier and. 2% for the 3rd tier of referrals. Their are however rakeback sites that offer a lot more than these commission rates.

It's also advisable to be wary of sites that offer a flat payment for each player referred - eg. send us a pal, get $125. NEVER use a rakeback provider who is promoting flat payment referrals. It may look attractive to get a lump sum all at once, however in the long run you will lose from significant commissions - perhaps thousands of dollars.

It's also wise to note that some poker affiliates use underhanded tactics or tricky wording to seem like they are giving you a great deal - like promoting 10% of your friend's "rakeback" instead of his actual "rake". Keep in mind that a player's rakeback is only going to be around 27-40% of his actual rake, so these sites are only promoting the same 2-4% as their competition.

Another trick rakeback providers use is their offer of "exclusive" monthly promotions. 99% of times this is false advertising - the promotion is usually exclusive to the poker room, NOT the rakeback provider.

For example , a rakeback site might offer $600, 000 in promotions per month. Out of this total, they run $500 worth of exclusive freerolls themselves. The other $599, 500 consists of the rake races, rake chases and freerolls that the poker rooms run themselves - you'd be enrolled in these regardless of whether you signed up through the rakeback provider.

Alternatively, a smaller rakeback provider could offer only $200, 000 in promotions because they offer less poker rooms, nevertheless they could have several thousand dollars worth certainly exclusive promotions on offer. If you are interested in joining a site that provides more value, the more true exclusive promotions being offered, the better.

So it is positively a good idea to look around when looking for your rakeback provider. Do not just jump onto the first sites you find in a search result. Yes, these are generally the larger sites nevertheless they only count on their search engine position for new members - i. e. they generally don't offer much added value because they don't need to compete as much.

I hope this article helps in your search for a better deal and good luck at the tables.

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