Lethal Prescriptions Drugs Can Be Bought Online In Just Five Minutes Health Watchdogs Have Warned

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Lethal prescriptions drugs can be bought online in just five minutes, health watchdogs have warned.
The Care Quality Commission (CQC) said it was 'hugely concerned' by how easy it is for people to access medication on websites they assume are British and regulated.
While regulators can control so-called medical websites in England, they can do nothing about sites overseas, CQC chairman Peter Wyman admitted.
This is causing many to buy high doses of drugs, such as painkillers, assuming the websites are safe, putting them at risk of bleeding, kidney damage and even addiction.
Deadly drugs can be bought online in just minutes, health watchdogs have warned (stock)
Mr Wyman is urging the public to be 'very cautious' over sites that are not regulated by UK watchdogs. 
'You can go online, you can very quickly find something that looks like a British medical practice, with possibly GMC (General Medical Council) registered doctors, that to the ordinary person looks perfectly reputable,' he said.
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'But it's operating outside this country and not just outside our legal jurisdiction but also our practical jurisdiction and that's a real challenge.'
Mr Wyman added a website can appear to be British based but actually operates many miles away overseas, which regulators cannot control.
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