Five Tips For Beating Rush Poker

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Rush Poker has taken the online poker world by storm. Moving to a fresh hand, with new players as soon as you complete your action in the previous hand has cut out every one of the 'dead time' between hands - ensuring fast paces and adrenaline-filled action. Recombining players from a large 'pool' means you have no reads or tells on your opponents, and they have none on you. While this undoubtedly affects your strategy, we will show how a solid and controlled style can lead to steady profits from the rush poker tables!

Tip 1 - No Need For Fancy Play Syndrome.

Solid 'ABC' poker, which emphasizes solid hand values and good position may not be as glamorous as a daring 5-bet bluff - however this is a terrific way to exploit a number of the crazy plays you will find your opponents making at the Rush tables. With hordes of recreational opponents willing to offer you their stacks with decidedly medium-strength holdings you really do not require too many 'fancy moves' showing a good profit.

Tip 2 - Deep Stacked Poker

While many of your opponents will have bought in for the 40 big-blind minimum, you will find many others who will stick around with 200 or even 300 times the blind. Having big stacks in play increases the potential payoff when you hit a hidden monster holding - such as a hidden set or concealed straight. Stack awareness, together with a knowledge that unpaired high cards are dangerous when 'playing for stacks' can help you maximize those returns.

Tip #3 - Steals And Re-Steals

Many opponents uses the fact that you don't have any reads, along with their late position at the dining table, to attempt to steal the blinds. Knowing this is can be profitable to re-steal by re-raising a raiser, particularly from the button. Make sure you do not take the 'he thinks she thinks he thinks' too far though - those stealers will wake up with real hands sometimes!

Tip #4 - Getting Reads And Taking Notes

The fast-paced nature of Rush Poker ensures that taking notes is difficult. What many players don't understand is that they can open the player notes box as soon as they get into a hand with an opponent, in the event that you then have something to record this can be done after the hand. In the event that you sit our during a hand you will also begin to see the showdown - allowing you to get future reads on your opponents.

Tip 5 - Planning For Tilt

Rush Poker and tilt are a very dangerous combination, in the event that you feel yourself getting angry or frustrated at the tables then stop immediately - using the new tables as a reason for wild play will cost you money very quickly. We suggest you make an agenda of action for tilting before you sit down and play. You never know - this might end up saving you an entire buy-in.

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