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The myth of the money out curse is just that, a myth. Online poker rooms don't need to steal your money. They make enough money as it is simply by giving a fair poker game. The last thing an online poker room wants is rumors boating the net that they may be cheating their players.

1 - To believe in it you must be a losing player.

2 - To believe in it you must have cashed out at some time.

3 -To have cashed out and to be a losing player you must have ran well above expectation for your level of play.

4 - After the cash out - normal service is probably to have been resumed.

5 - Therefore to the losing player, the cashout curse exists.

It is some of those conspiracy theories that swirls around internet poker like black helicopters hovering over a grassy knoll. The idea is that if you win a bunch of money at some online poker site after which cash it out, they punish you by flipping a switch so that you get clobbered in subsequent play.

A number of people have reported the same bad experience with online poker: They win for a while, but after they cash out some winnings they appear to run bad and bust. To some people, this is solid evidence that online poker should be rigged; that by cashing out some winnings, players incur the wrath of the online operators, who will set a turn on the player's account, dooming them to get rid of thereafter.

May be the "rigged theory" the best explanation for the trends that folks are observing?

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