Cashless Machines Money Limits And Session Caps For Poker Machines

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A Newcastle club will be the first in NSW to trial cashless poker machines in a bid to stop criminals and tax dodgers laundering money as well as protect gambling addicts.
The trial, starting in September, will include responsible gambling measures including money limits, session time limits, information and real-time messaging to customers and marshals.
The trial, announced on Monday, will be led by Aristocrat Gaming and Wests Newcastle and see cashless payments for all club services, including pokies.
Newcastle club will be first in NSW to trial cashless poker machines.

Pictured: Poker machines at Vikings Club in Canberra
Customer Service Minister Victor Dominello (pictured) said the trial would combat money laundering and problem gambling
Customer Service Minister Victor Dominello welcomed the trial, saying it would 'help us combat the twin sins of money laundering and problem gambling, addressing the key concerns of the Bergin Inquiry'.
In February former Supreme Court judge Patricia Bergin released a report on behalf of Liquor & Gaming NSW into gambling giant Crown's suitability to run a casino at its $2.2 billion flagship at Barangaroo.
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It found money laundering was rife at its Melbourne venue and recommended cashless gaming cards to end the practice.
CEO Aristocrat Gaming and Chief Transformation Officer Mitchell Bowen said the cashless payment trial would help patrons to manage their playing.
'Aristocrat believes that enabling cashless payment solutions is an innovation that may help enhance the long-term sustainability and vibrancy of our industry,' he said.
Inquiry into gambling giant Crown's suitability to run a casino at its $2.2 billion flagship at Barangaroo (pictured) found money laundering through pokies was a major concern
Wests Newcastle CEO Phil Gardner said the trial would build on the club's commitment to the welfare of its 116,000 members.
'A powerful new suite of responsible digital tools will empower our members and allow them to set limits, speak to a staff member, or even exclude themselves from the club.
'The ability for our members to use their own mobile wallet to pay for a meal, membership and gaming is something our industry hasn't seen before.'
Customers need to supply proof of identity equivalent to 100 points and have their digital wallet linked to an Australian bank account.

Data safeguard features and privacy would be an essential element.


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