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Well, it appears that I signed up somewhere for "farm animals", because at least weekly I get a story about some innocent passer-by who was killed or trampled (generally that leads to a similar end) by a cow. Half a can of Pea Beu and two repeats of the Hewbrew Kaddish for the Dead later, I was pretty sure I'd killed it. I bought two copies of his book. I've become an honorary Dutchperson, mainly because I can handle the double salt liquorice they love like redskins and after two years I'm understanding and speaking more of the "Hurdy Gurdy" they are prone to talking. And I rather like it here. Here are my top 5 reasons you’re not hearing back after applying for a job, with five suggestions for ways to avoid the resume black hole. Each character has there own well detailed back stories that are fleshed out through memories, flashbacks and boastful story telling during the lulls in the battle
>> On the podium, my own me/not me scenario played out. It was a case if me/not me in the first session today. There was a session on Australian Bushfires, a session on eating in Paris and I sat in on a very interesting fellow talking about Jewish Emanciption. A panel talking about the narrative voice. Actually I've never seen a lot of the things that you show pictures of. They are generally friends, or friend's husbands who get borrowed for the very occasional household job - the ones I don't dare tackle, like putting up blinds or fixing big electrical things. Like the seven dwarfs, we had the five Dutchmen - Strange, Sweet, Silly, Smelly and Sexy. Next to a guy like Joel I felt like a speck of dust. Joel and I chatted briefly, remembering me and our shared tutor, who features in his book under an assumed nam