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You’ll basically have to play through the mission until you have the blue key and then head back to the opening hub area, use the blue key to access the blue energy lift in the large central flesh tower and jump to the large climbable wall. Then a call to my uncle in Adelaide. Then again, I have my first consult, with Kris, next week - and I have to give over 2000 words by Saturday night. Then I had the obligatory work calls over the day. A new Black Lives Matter (BLM) mural set for Calgary won’t be going up until next year and will be painted on a different wall following a public racist backlash over a decision to replace a well-known, existing mural in the downtown core. Things will be happening, numbers will be related. I still keep ice picks in the kitchen drawer, funny as you have to search for block ice and there are few machine left, while I still use it for different thi