Big Daddy Dave: March 2020

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Often green has been described as having a calming or even hypnotic effect due to its tonal variations. Later Picasso, realizing the emotional effect of blue tones, began to paint only in blues and greens after the death of a friend. I love this plant for its form, for its resilience, for its bright blue flowers in spring and summer, and for the way the birds love its berries in autumn and winter. Because every photographer has their own way of importing, organizing and editing their images in Lightroom (and other software), this article starts at the beginning of the post-processing stage for individual images. But with my usual arsenal on zits was locked up for pregnancy safety reasons (no way was I going to break out the benzoyl peroxide - especially in that sensitive first trimester), I felt helpless in my fight for smooth skin. Some books seek to correct this problem with special passes done only on the very first F1 and R1. The solution to this problem is to develop a portrait post-processing workflow. After portrait post-processing workflow steps in this article were applied. This workflow uses both Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.