Best Live TV Streaming Service For Cord-cutters

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Have you considered , but that one show or channel stopped you from taking the plunge? Enter live TV  services. These services give you access to the familiar channels you love, plus local and national news and live sports. All this with just an inexpensive  -- no cable box or  required. 
Not to be confused with  like , Amazon Prime Video or HBO Max, live TV streaming services such as  and  offer a live channel lineup. Packages a month with no extra fees or contracts, which is a lot less than a cable subscription. You can stream live channels including CNN, NBC, ESPN and Fox on your smart TV, Roku, Apple TV,  devices, game consoles, or on the go with a . The best part? You don't need a technician to visit your home to get set up to watch live and original programming.

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Live TV streaming services for cord cutters: How to choose...


The downside? Prices and channel offerings are in constant flux. Names can morph, too --  is on its fourth new name in two years, after being most recently. Changes also mean that competition is squeezed out -- our former cheap picks  and  either stopped accepting customers or  entirely, while  shuttered in 2020. 

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With all of this in mind, welcome to the brave . If you need help deciding on the best streaming service or streaming bundle or service is best for you then read on! We'll break down which services offer the most popular channels (including sports channels) and how to make the most of your streaming box, streaming stick, or other streaming device. We'll update this best streaming service list periodically as things change (which they always do).