Banana Moon Studio : June 2020

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Now it's her turn to give me a bit of help. If you need garage or gate locks in North London give me a call. I need them for height. In addition, you only need spend less than half of the recovery service and keep your personal information all to yourself. Ensuring accurate, timely & confidential data recovery from DOS, Windows 3.x /95 /98 /Me/ NT/ 2000/XP/ 2003/ Vista/ 7, Novell Netware, UNIX (SCO, BSD, Sun, HP-UX), Linux (Red Hat, SuSe, Mandrake), Mac and other operating Systems. Crown vetch blooming for the first time this year; lots of red and white clover, and sweet yellow clover too. I think there’s a man sitting there with a crown on. I noticed a dug-up looking patch on the sandy verge near where the turtle was crossing; it must have been laying eggs there. Remembered to doctor up the water bottles with potassium and sugar; also take an apple and a good supply of energy balls (have I posted about these? If not, must do so). Have learned a lot doing thes

>> Today I look forward to doing a 45-miler, the longest I've been able to do this season. See tons of asparagus gone to seed (as usual, I missed it when it was pickable - should really make a little map of some of the places I see it so that next spring I can go back and look for it before it's too late). Hence the alert look on both of their "faces". Adorable calves on S road, very curious when they see me turn around to take their photo. A lovely cool wind comes rushing from the west; all the maple leaves turn upside down, and about a mile later it starts to rain. 6/03 - A sublime day - blue skies, cool wind, moderate temps - the kind of weather we dream about through the long cold winter months. But she had to split a large bill on that penultimate day. Very large dragonflies have appeared all down R road; one flies right into my jersey with an audible smack, startling me horribly (am still sensitive to loud sudden noises