Are Smaller Corporations Definitely Able To Take Benefit Of Social Media

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Abstract: In current years the adoption of ICT by tiny enterprises has been expanding thanks to costs reduction, diffusion of digital solutions in SaaS modality, cloud computing and ICT consumerization. Nonetheless, this is a tiny-known model, with nonetheless unknown implications on management and organization. Social media are generally introduced mainly because they are "trendy", due to the fact companies feel "forced" to use them, as "all competitors do it". For this reason it is not sufficient to know how a lot small enterprises use social media, but it is necessary to fully grasp how compact enterprises use them. Data has been collected by internet sites evaluation, a questionnaire survey and interviews with entrepreneurs and/or ICT/Advertising managers. The study, on the other hand, has highlighted the existence of a wide range of unique circumstances. The aim of the paper is to comprehend if smaller enterprises are in a position to totally exploit social media potentialities. Social media open up a new way of carrying out business, primarily based on revolutionary concepts such as sharing, collaboration and co-creation. Entrepreneurs mentality tends to make a difference in these corporations, and in unique entrepreneurs ability to conceive new strategies of performing business and his willingness to get involved with new initiatives. To this finish a sample of 48 Italian smaller firms is analyzed. Together with low innovative firms, in reality, there are also other small companies that are very open to the use of social channels and interactive technologies and capable to take complete benefit of their adoption. Having said that small is recognized about how little enterprises use these technologies and in unique social media. Results show that, even though social media are rather frequent amongst modest businesses, they are not constantly in a position to use these tools in a actually lucrative way.

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