Vijay TV’s Main Serial Stopped Fans Shocked

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The Mouna Raagam 2 serial has not yet started as all the opposite serials have started airing again.
There has been an honest response to the serials being aired on Vijay TV. a serious serial that stopped at this Corona Lockdown is yet to launch. it is the Mouna ragam 2 serial.
Mouna Raagam Season 2 is that the forthcoming Vijay TV serial that follows the primary season. Raveena Daha, a young actress, plays the role of Sakthi Velan, who plays Baby Krithika. within the upcoming Tamil series Velammal, Baby Krithika now plays the lead role.
While this Vijay TV serial has also Rajeev Parameshwar, who is that the dad of Sakthi Velan, Shruthi Krishna’s stepmother.
Raveena Taha plays the heroine within the Mouna Ragam serial, the ability of which was a baby within the first season is now being shown as growing up and visiting work as an enormous girl. Mouna Raagam
2 was halted last month because of the lack to carry shooting during the time when Corona was fully curfew.
Mouna Raagam Season 2 Serial Cast
• Raveena Daha as Sakthi Velan / Sakthi Karthik Krishna
• Shruthi Karthik Krishna / Shruthi
• Rajeev Parameshwar as Karthik Krishna
• Chippy Renjith as Mallika Karthik Krishna / Karpagam / Mallika
• Anusree Chembakassery as Kadhambari / Kadhambari Karthik Krishna / Kaadhu

Earlier, Mouna Raagam was a 2017 Indian Tamil language musical family serial serial, which was premiered on 24 April 2017, and is broadcasted on Star Vijay and Hotstar. It recently completed its 800th episode, which was aired on February 28, 2020. it’s presently directed by ManojKumar.

This serial is truly a remake of the Bengali language television series Potol Kumar Gaanwala which started airing on Star Jalsha in 2015. This serial started airing on 24th April 2017 on Vijay TV. Renowned Malayalam television actors Chippy Renjith, Rajeev Parameshwar, and Seema G. Nair, who play the lead roles, have made their Tamil-language debuts with the series.

This serial enables us to hitch Shakthi in her musical venture, and see what struggles she goes through to hunt out her real identity. Indeed, it’s an attractive story and has successfully built a pleasing fan base among the Tamil television audience, repeating a similar success its Bengali precursor had in Bengal.

Vijay TV has been airing other serials since last Monday. But the Mouna Raagam 2 alone has not yet begun. So those serial fans are disappointed. The social media post posted by the Mauna Ragam 2 crew has also gone viral because the shooting has not started yet. Paavam Ganesan serial is currently airing at that point as Mauna Ragam was aired daily at 10 pm.