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In Could 1541, Cartier departed on his third voyage with 5 ships. He had by now abandoned the concept of finding a passage to the Orient and was despatched to ascertain a everlasting settlement along the St. Lawrence River on behalf of France. A bunch of colonists was a number of months behind him this time. En route, he stopped at Newfoundland, the place he encountered the colonists, whose leader ordered Cartier again to Quebec. After these setbacks, France didn’t present any curiosity in these new lands for half a century, and Cartier’s career as a state-funded explorer got here to an finish. Cartier arrange camp again near Quebec, and so they found an abundance of what they thought were gold and diamonds. Within the spring, not waiting for the colonists to arrive, Cartier abandoned the base and sailed for France. Cartier, however, had different plans; instead of heading to Quebec, he sneaked away in the course of the night and returned to France. There, his "gold" and "diamonds" have been discovered to be nugatory, and the colonists abandoned plans to discovered a settlement, returning to France after experiencing their first bitter winter. Whereas credited with the exploration of the St. Lawrence area, Cartier's status has been tarnished by his dealings with the Iroquois and abandonment of the incoming colonists as he fled the new World.

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