That Is In Contrast To Greuel

Fra Geowiki
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Now, when you come back to working the twin stitches - remember what I said about just letting the shadow dissolve into the, er, shadows? Today we’ll talk about working crochet stitches into I-cord. We’ll be creating the ‘shadow’ wraps from the the mama stitches - blue in the photo below. Knit into the mama stitch (only the mama stitch, not the daughter one) knitwise - be careful not to knit into the back loop by accident. This wasn’t a planned thing, and we did it without even one rehearsal. Creating a shadow wrap on the purl side is even easier. Effectively by pulling the working yarn tight, and then bringing it back around to purl we create a wrap around the slipped stitch which has been butterflied to make 2 loops. The loops either side of my working yarn are from the single slipped stitch. I flipped the work over to take a photo from the knit side - the top of the slipped stitch is pulled right over the needle, making 2 loops from the orig