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I am unable to imagine that there is anyone who still believes the parable that if solely those poor, disaffected young 'uns had jobs, all can be unicorns and rainbows in our world., and peace would break out. Ms. Harf received her Master’s degree in Foreign Affairs from the University of Virginia, where her thesis evaluated the prospects for continued regime stability in Saudi Arabia. She graduated with honors from Indiana College, incomes a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science with concentrations in Jewish Studies and Russian and Eastern European Studies. Full disclosure: I also put on glasses, and sure, I do have an instructional background - though my very own claims to international affairs did not get educational recognition. I wanted to know who this girl is, making such 'official' pronouncements, and guess what? The years-lengthy evidence - including the newest profiles of western-born ISIS wannabe terrorists - doesn't support that glib rhetoric.

How are issues going for the underside 95%? Then we come to the jobs figures. We can begin by trying at the chart above (from Think Progress). Well, issues have not improved for them in any respect. The chart was made to point out how much worse the recession has been for African-Americans (and that's actually true), but if you'll word, the household incomes of all races continues to drop. Their state of affairs is similar as it was in the course of the depths of the official recession back in 2008-2009. All we should do is look at the figures. And these figures aren't from 2008, however symbolize what has occurred between 2009 and 2012. While incomes for the wealthy are rising, the family incomes for everyone else is both stagnant or falling (and when thought-about as a group are falling -- no matter race). The unemployment price remains to be abnormally high, resting at 8.3% (and would be down to round half of that in a wholesome economic system).

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