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For all of you potential online poker players out there know this, if you want to play this game for a living you need to be playing with a rake back deal. All of the current pro players play with rake right back, and if you never know what rakeback is, I suggest you keep reading.

Without vested interest in the end result of a hand of poker, the internet poker sites make their money by charging a fee each hand - known as the rake. The fee is minuscule, and lots of players aren't even alert to it, in the long-run these lower amounts add up to a lot of profit for the online poker sites. Rake back is a percentage of this small percentage that you can receive as a refund, so long as you sign-up through the proper channels -i. e. a rakeback site.

Here is the secret to becoming a winning online hold'em NL player: cashback! Sure, you can nevertheless be a winning hold'em NL player without cashback, relying solely on your skills at the tables, but why would you, when you're able to receive a rake back deal simply by signing up through an affiliate?

Affiliates get a certain percentage of your rake if you sign-up at an on-line poker site through them; subsequently they offer the players the majority of the rake right back they receive in order to get players to sign-up through their internet site -better to make 2% rakeback than 0%, and simpler to make 2% cash back on 1, 000 players than 35% on 1 or 2 players.

The question then becomes how much can a rakeback deal be worth? Well the answer is dependent upon exactly how much rake you generate for the internet poker site: High volume professional players generate upwards of $25, 000 a month in rake -yes people play that much online poker-so with a 33% rake back deal they are attracting over $8, 000 on a monthly basis just in rakeback! Suppose, a break-even hold'em NL player will make $100, 000 a year just in cash back!

Of course most of us defintely won't be able to generate that amount of rake, so imagine you really are a mere mortal who plays 1, 000 hands of hold'em 5 days a week -this compatible about a 2-hour session playing 4 tables at a time-- where the average pot is raked $3. If you should be receiving a 33% rake right back deal you'll make about $100/week in rakeback.

Obviously not enough to stop your day job, or could it be? Think about it, if you quit your entire day job and played poker eight hours a day instead of two, you'd make $400 a day in rakeback!

And the best part about rake back is unlike poker itself there is absolutely no variance; you are paid per hand whether you win or lose, all you've got to do is play.

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