Mythology And Folklore UN-Textbook: Nursery Rhymes: Accumulative Stories

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Veteran author Yolen delivers a mixture of her own verses and regular nursery rhymes in this collection of seventy-5 poems for the youngest poetry audiences. Dyer's pencil and watercolor art is delicate and personable, with a pretty multiracial cast of babies and caretakers (preponderantly female) warm, pale gold predominates as a background color and tasteful borders frame the pages, emphasizing the "treasury" flavor of the volume. Indexes of titles and initially lines are appended. This is wealthy with adult present appeal, but there is genuine appeal in many of the nursery-rhyme-esque verses, so youngsters-and infant-shower honorees-will warm to this collection. The verses do not constantly scan well and they are on the blandly adorable side, but they are sweet and chantable engrossed youngsters will appreciate the opportunities for playful laptime reads. Topics are familiar tot favorites such as food and consuming ("Munch, Munch"), beloved toys and comfort objects ("Everybody Needs a Teddy Sometimes"), and bedtime ("Night Worries"), as well as some acknowledgement of setbacks and obstacles ("Oops, Whoops").

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