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In a pair of tweets, Modi described the conversation with Biden as "fruitful" and thanked the president for the support. He said the discussion had underscored the value of "smooth and efficient" provide chains of vaccine raw materials and medicine. Modi has remained largely silent about the crisis, when permitting religious festivals and election rallies attended by thousands to continue. The law cited by the government is the Informational Technologies Act, 2000, which enables authorities to order the blocking of public access to information to guard "sovereignty and integrity of India" and maintain public order. Twitter mentioned it had reviewed the content the government asked it to eliminate immediately after getting a "valid legal request" from the Indian government, a spokesperson mentioned. So quite a few lives have been saved," Rohan Gupta, chairman of social media for opposition party, the Indian National Congress, wrote on Twitter Sunday. "There are many who are employing social media to assistance these in need to have.

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Critics have accused the Modi government of employing the massive demonstrations to escalate a crackdown on no cost speech and silence opponents. The petition comes in the backdrop of the government's drive to additional regulate on-line content. On Thursday, Facts Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said in Parliament that Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn would have to follow the Indian Constitution. The proposed rules haven’t been produced public. The New Delhi Television news channel stated the government has drawn up draft rules to regulate social media, streaming and digital news content material, which will include a code of ethics and a mechanism to report inappropriate content material and ask for its removal. Twitter’s choice to not eliminate specific accounts unnerved the government on Thursday, which warned the firm that it "must respect" Indian laws "irrespective of Twitter’s personal rules and suggestions." The government has also served the business with a non-compliance notice and threatened its officials with a fine and imprisonment of up to seven years for violating the order. The Supreme Court is anticipated to rule after acquiring responses from the government and Twitter.

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