How Much Space Does Roblox Take Up On Pc

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This is unrelated to roblox but i m confident it wouldn t take up much. Roblox games can consume amongst 200 600 megabytes per hour based on the game. My son plays roblox on my computer and it s taking up all my free space on my primary hdd. I believed maybe he has been recording video onto the hdd but once more looking every single person folder revealed noting in my searches. Roblox taking up gigabytes of storage i have an old gmail account that i have forgotten the username for. Some games i open take a seriously extended time to even commence loading like it connects me to a server but no players nor any game data is loaded. How a great deal space does roblox take up on computer. The most information consuming game my sister i have played on roblox is the labyrinth. At least 250 mb of storage space is suggested considering that roblox updates.

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