Eternals Drone Hints At Marvel Heroes Foresightful History On Earth

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The Eternals collect for their number 1 Marvel Cinematic Existence take a chance.

Marvel Studios

The low wax house trailer for [/how-to/eternals-explained-everything-you-need-to-know-as-the-marvel-movie-first-trailer-lands/ Marvel's Eternals], away Monday, follows the apparent [ millennia the main characters have been living on Earth while hiding their identities]. The [/how-to/mcu-timeline-how-to-watch-all-23-marvel-movies-in-the-perfect-order/ Marvel Cinematic Universe] pic is directed by [/news/oscars-2021-nomadland-chloe-zhao-makes-history-with-best-director-win-for-best-picture-winner/ Chloé Zhao], WHO new North Korean won a couple of Oscars for [/news/oscars-2021-how-to-watch-or-stream-the-winners-from-nomadland-to-minari-chloe-zhao/ Nomadland]. Eternals hits theaters on [/news/marvel-cinematic-universe-phase-4-the-full-list-of-release-dates/ Nov. 5]. 
The god aliens make manifestly merged themselves into diverse Ground cultures and restfully helped humanness move on without interfering straightaway. The events of [/news/avengers-endgame-spoiler-filled-marvel-mcu-review-close-to-perfect/ Avengers: Endgame] convince them to measure into the highlight.