25 Of The Best Lesbian Movies Of All Time

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The romantic friendship between Amy and Molly is the main focus of the movie. When Kena and Ziki start a same sex love affair, they have to hide their affection from the locals. Homosexuality is still illegal in the African nation and when they are caught, they are confronted by an angry mob.
Watkins has a secret that she . The movie depicts a lesbian love story between two women in a department store. Carol is going through a complicated divorce. Naturally, their love affair gets complicated as she continues to fall for him.
John Cameron Mitchell's SHORTBUS explores the lives of several emotionally challenged characters as they navigate the comic and tragic intersection... Down on their luck Broadway stars shake up a small Indiana town as they rally behind a teen who wants to go to... "Revealing the queer history of 'Scream' upon its latest release". The lesbian power couple is the best part of "The New Mutants". "'L'amore imperfetto' is the first feature film by Francesca Muci".

It might have been better served by a director with a deeper connection to the source material, but The Color Purple is still a good adaptation of Alice Walker's novel. A closeted gay teen wants to join the popular girls' group, but his plan backfires. High school relationship dynamics and teen stereotypes are explored by G.B.F. Edge of Seventeen is a time capsule with honesty and sensitivity that captures a time of life and an era. A weekend trip for four couples takes a turn for the worse when one of them discovers the entire trip was a hoax. A photographer is working on a series of pictures featuring recreations of movie kisses.
The Musicals Are About Lesbians
The drama follows a young college student, Max West, and an older woman, Ely, through the lesbian scene in Chicago. The coming of age story follows an artistic student who joins the track team to get close to her crush only to fall in love with her twin sister. This coming of age drama follows the story of a young woman who is sent to a conversion therapy center. Are you looking for an early aughts rom com? Imagine Me and You is a British film that features a new bride who develops a crush on a florist. D.E.B.S. is an early aughts film that is basically Charlie's Angels but queer.
The Girl Is King
Sook hee was recruited to pose as her maid and convince her to marry him. The heiress and Sook hee have a sexual relationship. This masterpiece of cinema is worth a watch no matter who you are, but it's definitely an added bonus that it features some of the hottest lesbian love scenes ever put on film. Booksmart is one of the best high school movies I have ever seen.
A young woman is trying to find acceptance in her family. The whole engagement is at risk because her grandma is announcing her decision to marry her girlfriend. The perfect movie for date nights indoors, allow me to introduce you to the Swedish version ofImagine Me & You. OnlyKissMeis is more current with convincing lead characters and unforgettable lesbian scenes. You can find a lesbian love film when you want it.
"Desert Hearts" is an outstanding film that deserves to be seen by a wider audience because of it's warm three-dimensional characters, funny script and gorgeous scenery. "Desert Hearts" is from 1985 and is so far ahead of its time that you might think it's a modern film. In 1959 the film opens with a college professor arriving in Reno, Nevada. She wants to get a quick divorce from her husband so she will stay for six weeks. They form a strong friendship when they are assigned study partners. The more time they spend with each other, the more intense the relationship becomes.
Rafiki follows a romance between two young women in a country where homosexuality is illegal. The daughters of two candidates are running in a local election. The fathers political careers are at stake as the girls grow close.
I Had Days Of Mercy
Whether you identify as lesbian or not, these films featuring lesbian romance and queer characters will make your next movie night so much more than a typical movie night. Tig Notaro is a comedian who is navigating her cancer journey. Maybe you want to try a musical set in high school? The prom is a movie with James Corden and Meryl Streep.
It Must Be Set Off
Virginia Woolf was played by Elizabeth Debicki, who was more reticent and stubborn. When Adle sees Emma crossing the street in Lille, she is immediately attracted to her. As their bond deepens and then fractures the film portrays love, lust and betrayal with unflinching honesty.
Her mother doesn't approve of her relationship with her girlfriend Bailey is coming to terms with her sexuality while navigating teenage struggles in the movie. Follow this beautiful teenage love story that shows the all too real feeling of having a teenage crush. Romances, thrillers, coming of age stories and musicals are just some of the things that are available here.